Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw-An Overview

What is a Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw Anyway? It is a tool used to make angled and compound angled cuts to wood and plastic moldings and trim pieces used in finish carpentry. Are There Different Types of Miter Saws? Yes there is, they are; the basic miter saw that are often referred to as a powered miter box, then there is the compound miter saw that serves the same function as the miter box and adds the ability of cutting two angles at the same time and then there is the sliding compound miter saw that takes it one step further by allowing the user to make compound angled cuts on wider materials.How Do I Know Which Saw I Need? That is a tricky question, how will you be using the saw is the first question you need to ask yourself to get at the best choice for your wants and needs. Once you have established your list of needs, ask yourself what you want. Some of us want the cheapest thing we can get that will do the job while others of us want the best thing available, it is the whole Lexus versus the Taurus thing.

The Powered Miter Box is a great tool for making miter cuts to quarter round, small baseboard moldings and chair rails that are going to lay flat on the floor or wall.They are also good to use for squaring off the ends of a 2 by 4 and making 45 degree angle cuts as well but, nothing larger there compact size has limits.A Compound Miter Saw has the same capabilities of the miter box and then some. These saw types enable the operator to make cuts in two angles at the same time.This feature comes in handy when installing crown moldings where the wall and the ceiling meet create a 90 degree angle and the corner forms another 90 degree angle in a different direction. Try saying that three times fast.These types of saws are available in different size blade models. They use the same saw blades as do their cousins the circular saws and are found in similar blade sized models; 7 1/4, 10 and 12 inch blade models are the most common.The Sliding Compound Miter Saw is the most versatile of the miter saws. These saws encompass everything good in the other miter saws and take it one step further.As the name implies, this saw type has a motor with blade attached mounted on a rail system that allows the assembly to slide away from the saw fence to make cuts to wider materials.

As a portable tool goes these can perform any crosscutting task you will encounter; finish trim work and framing alike. I personally like these because I can cut anything from small quarter round moldings all the way to boards for closet shelves and 2 by 12 framing materials.Safe Operation Concerns; for most of us is centered on the question, how do I set up and use this tool? ‘Always, Read and understand the instructions included in the operators manual that came with the tool’.